Services we offer

We offer many services and you are always in good hands with the Cryptic Unicorn team. We at Cryptic Unicorn believe in the philosophy work smarter not harder. This means our solutions for you will fill your needs and get you back on track quickly.

  • Diagnosis

    We can do a preliminary review of the item you are wishing to attempt to have data recovered from. This service requires a small fee that provides you what we believe is an estimate for the best fitted recovery method for your item. If you pay to have an estimate provided and choose our data service you will receive the cost of your estimate off of your total bill.

  • Web Development Services

    Need a website for your business, campaign, personal or another reason. Work with us to get a site up and running that fits your needs and your budget. We will work with you to get a design that you will be happy with and efficient for your level of traffic.

  • Data Transfer

    Do you need your information transferred from one device to another or hard drive to new hard drive let us do this process for you and while we are at it let us help secure your data using encryption.

  • Advertising

    Cryptic Unicorn is equipped to help you with your advertising. We can provide for your commercial shoots personalities and commercial development, digital advertising, focus group, website

  • Linux

    Looking to try Linux or wanting to know how to run a dual boot system where you can easily do repairs to your system from a working OS to another that is damaged or not functioning properly.

  • Basic Computer Services

    Having problems installing or reinstalling your OS or new software let us handle it for you. Are you looking to have your computers data saved or need a boot USB, CD or DVD created let Cryptic Unicorn take the stress off you and save you the hassle.

  • Social Media

    Need help setting up, using or linking your social media account to your business or just for personal use let Cryptic Unicorn get your started. We can help you setup an account with an  in-depth review of the service or we can setup several social media accounts for you.

  • Email

    Email cleanup and transfer service. Or take your email to the next level with a custom email setup by our experts. Depending on your exact needs the prices can vary but most of them have a flat rate. Contact us today for a quote that will give you all the assistance you need.

  • VPN

    Would you like to have your own VPN service that you control. We at Cryptic Unicorn can provide that using Google servers you'll be in control of your browsing and being filtered through one of the most respected technology companies in the world.

  • Data Recovery

    Accidentally delete something off your hard drive and thinking that it is lost forever? Try not to panic, stop using the computer or the device where this occurred and contact us for an attempted recovery of your data: This service depends on the level of recovery methods and time needed to perform the recovery.

  • Basic Technology Services

    Having problems installing or reinstalling your OS or new software let us handle it for you. Are you looking to have your computers data saved or need a boot USB, CD or DVD created let Cryptic Unicorn take the stress off you and save you the hassle.

  • Training and Consulting Sessions

    We also offer group computer training to help you improve your technical skills. We require that the group be at least 5 individuals for a training session. If you don’t have a group contact us and will make arrangements according to your needs.

  • Political Consulting

    If you are a candidate then give yourself unparalleled edge over all of your competitors. We offer website design, campaign management and debate prep that will have you feeling very confident in your preparation because we touch hot button topics that the majority overlook.

  • Business services

    Are you starting a business and have questions about your ideas. Or maybe you need to talk to someone who has experience dealing with the pains of developing innovative ways to solve problems. In either case as well as most others we can help! From reviewing your business plans and/or your products and services, acting  as your distributor, creating social media campaigns, we are equipped to handle your business needs.

  • Technology Services

    Software Development, technology project management, IT consulting. 360 degree photos for your real estate office, work place, your business and/or anything that you might need. If you want photos you can upload to Google, or to give your home a killer walk through. Image allowing people that opportunity to see what you did in a panoramic view through Virtual Reality headsets that let them see it from their point of view.

  • Legal Consulting

    We are able to provide some of the best technology experts that you can hire. This will include testifying, educating and/or reporting witnesses. The breath of topics and knowledge of technology we possess at Cryptic Unicorn can help give your case and clients an advantage that will provide the best line of defense to your opposition.

  • Payments

    Unlike most businesses we accept some of the largest varieties of payments you can find anywhere. Want to pay with Bitcoin we accept that, how about Ethereum, or the more recent Bitcoin Cashn? At Cryptic Unicorn we accept all of those cryptocurrencies!

  • E-Commerce

    Are you selling products on an online marketplace? You know how expensive it can be to do so. Why not hire a company that will help to reduce the cost of maintaining and utilizing an online store? Because every bit of money you can save you can use to enhance and grow your business.

  • Mobile Development

    Do you need help with your mobile platform, either site or apps we've got you covered. Our team can work with you to provide you with a product you love and is a great fit for your needs.

  • SEO

    Navigating the world of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, can be a complex one especially for small business owners. We are equipped to take care of your SEO needs and can prepare you to tackle your own in the future. Either hire us to manage your SEO needs or take the world of SEO int your own hands by using our services to be trained to handle your own SEO.

  • Marketing

    The team at Cryptic Unicorn are dedicated to providing you, our client, a one stop shop for most of your business needs. Our team is well versed on Marketing areas such as setting up focus groups, surveys, social media marketing on numerous platforms, from the most popular like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to the lesser known domestic platforms such as QQ. No matter your audience we've got you covered nearly worldwide.