Cutting the Internet Cord

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Cutting the Internet Cord

We at Cryptic Unicorn are well ahead of the trends within the technology field. Over the years I have been testing out the reliability of using a cellphone as a replacement for home-based Internet through a router. This has been a resounding success even in rural locations. You can win the #MobileOnly Challenge you just need to make sure you are ready. In many rural locations the the mobile internet speeds are better than those that were provided by my local Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Speeds from cellular devices mostly operate around 4G speeds. Depending on the type of Internet speeds offered at your home, it could be beneficial for you to make the transition to a cellphone that replaces your router.


This is a simple change to make. Most cellphones operating system (OS) allow for them to be used as mobile hotspots. The phone you use for this purpose does not need to an expensive one as long as it operates on the highest available mobile data speeds. Currently, this is 4G while some mobile carriers are already testing 5G and it has been speculated to launch with some carriers as soon as the end of 2018. Replacing your current Internet setup is easy to do but make sure to test it before to cut the cord.


How to test your phone speeds to see if it will act as an adequate replacement for your home-based Internet:


  • It is imperative that you check to with your wireless provider to see what your data limits are and any restrictions/charges that you might occur. I used an unlimited plan where the only drawbacks are that my speeds get throttled if I use more than a specified threshold of data. I routinely surpass this limit and have yet to notice and reduction in my speeds.
  • Put your phone on as a mobile hotspot and connect a device to it and use it like you normally would. Running videos and other data demanding activities one a single to device is best.
  • Next connect multiple devices and see if the mobile hotspot can support the additional devices during regular Internet usage.


There will be some growing pains when making the switch but as I have experienced they were very minor and it has only become more stable over time. This will probably work best for individuals through small families who are not running multiple streaming services and gaming platforms at once. When 5G is launched the future will be wireless. Keep in mind that only a select few of new devices on the market are 5G. This will be a topic of a future blog post.


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Ridge CEO

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