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We are a consulting firm that can help you with all your business and technical related needs!

Clear and Concise

No matter the job or your problem, we will work with you to get your needs met quickly, and efficiently. All while answering any questions you have about our service or your problem.

Online Services

Check out our store which is constantly being updated with new services being added. No reason to leave your home to get your computer serviced, a hard drive wiped, or have a damaged media device examined. Mail in, remote, and even at home services are available depending on your location.

Cyber Security

In our technology driven lifestyles security of your devices and your information is more important than ever. Before you get rid of that device, computer, tablet, etc you should consult with us to keep you safe.

Decrypting your problems

Cryptic Unicorn's co-founders studied nuclear engineering (1 with a PhD the other with a bachelors) the more difficult the task the better we perform. Allow our firm to take the cryptic and provide a simple solution.

Professional and Personal

At Cryptic Unicorn we know how stressful it feels when you are dealing with problems that seem insurmountable. We provide consulting that is calm, cool and doesn't bend under pressure. Let us take the pressure off you and get you back on the path to success.

Cryptic Unicorn

Trusted by businesses, individuals and everyone in-between to craft an individual solution tailored to your needs. We offer services in IT, technology, data recovery, business services and so much more. Visit our Services pages for a comprehensive list of services we currently offer!

  • Serivce Areas

    We aim to be able to complete any contract no matter the area. We do this by acquiring the skills, people, and equipment and integrating them seamlessly into our flexible and agile business environment. We posses the ability to complete any technological development, financial, political and/or service oriented contracts. Rest easy and let us have the sleepless nights making the tailored solutions for you to hit the ground running.

  • Efficient Workflow

    We are a new business that utilizes novel and cutting edge business solutions and technology to deliver what is needed on-time and a fair price. We are a company of the 21st century, by the 21st century, and for the 21st century.

  • Extraordinary Support

    Simply put: whatever your needs we will provide it. We strive to not only fulfill our contracts but to exceed your wishes. We will go above and beyond what your typically consulting firm will provide. Anytime we are working with you we listen to you and will begin crafting the best solutions. Have access to our extraordinary support by adding on a support plan!

  • Clear Solutions

    Do you get frustrated when dealing with techies who talk in jargon that is not well known outside their field? Don't worry at Cryptic Unicorn we strive to clearly convey the solutions that are best for you and explain them in a way that you'll understand. Clear, concise explanations that will help save you time and effort that is better spent on your business.

What can a Unicorn do for you?

While we are not able to help you find a real unicorn we are able to help you capture the elusive solution to your problems. We are tired of the run around most business offer.

At Cryptic Unicorn we pride ourselves on thriving on challenging problems and difficult subjects. As a client we will not only solve your problems but will clearly explain the issue and ways we can address it in the most effective manner. We can and often will go further to help you be able to solve the issue if it were to arise in the future.

Listed below are a few problems that you might encounter and that we can help you with.





When it comes to being online it can be difficult to stay safe. So what can you do to stay safe and where can you learn these techniques? There are several small steps you can do to help protect yourself. First, never under any circumstances plugin a device that you are not familiar with into your laptop, computer, tablet, phone etc. This is one of the easiest ways for someone with ill intentions to gain control and access of your computer. Secondly, don’t allow someone to use your device and object if they go to use even something as innocuous as a CD. In the right hands no device is safe even with a strong password. If you need help with securing your personal, professional or other devices and systems send us an email at security@crypticunicorn.com. We will be happy to have you as a client!

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Getting rid of electronics?

Getting rid of electronics?

Getting rid of electronics?

Getting rid of electronics?

How many of you reading this have donated, sold, traded or gave away an electronic device thinking that a factory reset or reinstalling the Operating System (OS) was sufficient to keep your information safe? It is not. Don’t be too hard on yourselves because before we were experts we suffered the same growing pains that many of you are going through. If you are going to get rid of your device allow us to professionally wipe your devices to make it more difficult for someone to get value information off of them. If you are going to throw away your device choose our destruction service which will destroy your electronics in an environmentally sound way but any data on it is destroyed as well.


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Services we offer

We offer many services and you are always in good hands with the Cryptic Unicorn team. We at Cryptic Unicorn believe in the philosophy work smarter not harder. This means our solutions for you will fill your needs and get you back on track quickly.

  • Diagnosis

    We can do a preliminary review of the item you are wishing to attempt to have data recovered from. This service requires a small fee that provides you what we believe is an estimate for the best fitted recovery method for your item. If you pay to have an estimate provided and choose our data service you will receive the cost of your estimate off of your total bill.

  • Web Development Services

    Need a website for your business, campaign, personal or another reason. Work with us to get a site up and running that fits your needs and your budget. We will work with you to get a design that you will be happy with and efficient for your level of traffic.

  • Data Transfer

    Do you need your information transferred from one device to another or hard drive to new hard drive let us do this process for you and while we are at it let us help secure your data using encryption.

  • Advertising

    Cryptic Unicorn is equipped to help you with your advertising. We can provide for your commercial shoots personalities and commercial development, digital advertising, focus group, website

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Our Team

The vision brought to Cryptic Unicorn from our Co-Founders is one where all clients are treated fairly and provided the best solutions to their needs. Our years of experience with even the most esoteric topics paired with an unparalleled education allows our team to provide you with the best because that is what you, our clients deserve.

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Check out our blog to learn some of the latest on everything from technology, politics, and our restless hunt for wish granting unicorn.

Cutting the Internet Cord

  We at Cryptic Unicorn are well ahead of the trends within the technology field. Over the years I have been testing out the reliability of using a cellphone as a replacement for home-based Internet through a router. This has been a resounding

Hello World from Cryptic Unicorn!

I would like to welcome you to the Cryptic Unicorn website. My name is Ridge and I am a co-founder of Cryptic Unicorn as well as CEO. Cryptic Unicorn is an innovate startup in Jacksonville, Florida that will soon become your one stop shop for all